What Vegetables Go Well with Fish?


1. Different types of vegetables to eat with fish

Vegetables, including tomatoes, onions and mushrooms, go well with grilled fish. The type of vegetables to eat with fish depends on how the fish is prepared.

Mashed potatoes are vegetables to eat with fish, including salmon, trout, and catfish. Fried fish and grilled fish are usually paired with grilled corn on the cob. Green vegetables, including asparagus, green beans, kale and spinach, are healthy and easy-to-cook seafood side dishes. The leafy salad also complements this dish.

Although not vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta and various breads are usually eaten with fish and seafood main dishes.

2. The most suitable vegetables to serve with fish

Even the most delicious fish, without the help of side dishes, they cannot fully appeal to the taste, because they are mixed together. This is why it is so important to choose other dishes carefully, especially if fish will be the main part of the meal. If you have trouble deciding what to eat with fish, you can refer to the following suggestions:


(1) Vegetables to serve with fish: Greek-style lemon potatoes

White fish, such as tilapia and flounder, are essential in the Mediterranean diet. Therefore, it is no wonder that the iconic side dish of lemon potato originating in Greece has become a staple food when eaten with fish.

What's special is the way we prepare potatoes, it's not just the simple barbecue we are all used to. Pour some water into the pot and cover it with foil so that the potatoes can be steamed. Finishing work is necessary, a little lemon juice, oregano and garlic make this dish perfectly balanced with many people's favorite "fish-centric" meals.

(2) Vegetables with fish: mung bean amantadine

Greek cuisine is not the only dish that goes well with seafood. The French also have some great recipes to try. Since we all lead a busy life these days, the fact that this dish does not take up more than 10 minutes of preparation time is very beneficial.

In this case, the ideal way to cook fish is to bake or steam fish fillets, and then match the rich flavor of green beans and spices with the tenderness of the main dish. All you need to do is to cook the beans, and then mix them with butter, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and almonds in a pan to create the perfect aromatic mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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