What Kind of Vegetables Go Well with Salmon?

1. Eat vegetables and salmon together

Salmon is a deep-sea fish. The bottom of the sea contains various nutrients. It is an indispensable carbohydrate for the body. It is a kind of food that is often eaten in daily life. It is also suitable to be eaten with different special dishes, such as vegetables to eat with fish, fresh fruits, salmon can be eaten raw with lime or fried, grilled and other cooking methods.

What kind of cooking method you choose and the special dishes you want to pair with depends entirely on your hobbies. There are no special rules. At this stage, it is a common practice to bake (slow baked salmon) or eat it raw(raw fish sashimi).

For salmon whose quality is guaranteed, eating raw is indeed the most nutritious way to eat it. Because the unsaturated fatty acids in salmon will be destroyed at a high temperature above 70 ℃, especially for long-term high-temperature cooking, even the vitamins in the salmon will slowly disappear.

2. Different ways to eat salmon

Many people may feel that salmon tastes smooth and greasy after eating too much. In fact, when raw salmon is eaten with some carrots, the salmon will not feel greasy at all, and it is very easy to digest and absorb, because the actual effect of radish is the best to relieve greasy and promote digestion.

When we eat salmon raw, we can also eat a little radish, which can also be made into salmon strips, and the taste and appearance are very good. The method is to cut the radish into fine silks, the denser the better, and then use thin sashimi to roll the radish strips and dip them into condiments for consumption.

If you want to eat salmon cooked, it's best to cook it quickly. It can be boiled, steamed or fried, but you must not fry it. Eat it right after it's cooked for three to seven years, and it won't have a taste.

In the Netherlands, a fashionable way to eat salmon with vegetable juice is to boil the salmon in vegetable juice until it is mature. The vegetable juice and water are prepared according to a certain proportion, so that the water has a stronger vegetable and fruit flavor. In the selection of vegetables and fruits, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits are all very good. After they are cooked, sprinkle with condiments and quickly deep-fry them with vegetable oil for three minutes. The deep-frying should be fast to let the salmon skin. It is crispy, but the nutrients do not escape.

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