What is the Difference Between Scallops and Imitation Scallops?

One of the main ways to distinguish real scallops from imitation scallops is to look at the shape of the scallops. Real scallops are not perfectly round, they all have slightly different shapes.

On the other hand, the imitation scallop will be perfectly round and the same shape. This is because sharks and stingrays are often used to make imitation scallops, and they are cut out with the same equipment.

Distinguish real scallops from fake scallops by texture. Real scallops have fibers running through them longitudinally, but imitation scallops do not have these unique fibers.

You can also find artificial scallops by looking at the thickness. The real scallops have similar thickness on all sides, while the side of the imitation scallops is usually thicker. This is because imitation scallops are usually made from stingray or ice knife meat. The inside of their wings is much thicker than the outside, causing this difference in thickness.

1. Why are there imitation scallops?

First of all, scallops are expensive. Part of the reason is that scallops are difficult to purchase. Scallops are dredged from the seabed or hand-selected by divers. In addition, scallops are difficult to keep fresh. Increased transportation costs and cooling will push up the price of scallops. Scallops are a popular seafood, which often causes restaurants to run out of them.

The second is there is often demand but lack of supply and problems in distribution channels among frozen goods suppliers. In order to save money, many restaurants sell imitation scallops.

If you have only tasted imitation scallops, you have not tasted the joy of real scallops. If you have never tasted real scallops, it is difficult to identify imitation scallops.

2. The benefits of imitation scallops

With its delicious taste, it is known as a kind of famous and excellent seafood, especially the grains are enlarged, the color is light yellow, the taste is dry and fragrant, and the taste is tender, waxy and sweet.

In general, scallops are a kind of seafood with high edible value, mainly because scallops not only taste good, but also have a variety of eating methods. The scallop meat pillars are also of high edible value, and have higher pharmacological effects and stronger nourishing effects on the human body.

Now imitation scallops produced by direct suppliers of frozen goods are one of the must-eat seafood dishes on the table. Imitation scallops can be eaten in many ways. You can fry the imitation scallops in a frying pan. You can also use an oven to heat the imitation scallops at 170°C for about 15 minutes. You can also use imitation scallops with chives, but no matter how you make imitation scallops, our imitation scallops will give you a different taste.

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