The Advantages of Eating Frozen Fish Fillet

When I was a child, I thought about being a chef who could make fancy food. Although I didn’t become a chef, I became a real foodie. And I never tied myself to a fixed menu. The same kind of ingredients can also be transformed into countless kinds of tricks under the hands of the chef.

Ⅰ. The process of frozen fish fillets

Through manual or mechanical methods, the muscles on both sides of the fish spine are completely removed. After peeling, dethorning, removing parasites, quick freezing, packaging and other processes, the pure fish frozen product produced is frozen fish fillets.

Ⅱ. The advantages of frozen fish fillets

After all, the frozen fish fillets are processed, and after the hands of others, I always feel a little worried. But in fact, there are many advantages of frozen fish fillets. In terms of safety, it reflects the following aspects:

1. In the process of cutting frozen fish fillets, the primary bones of the fish should be removed, such as vertebrae, spines, and secondary bones such as fin rays, branch fin bones, and intermediate spines. Many parents are afraid to leave their children eat fish themselves because they are worried that their children will get fishbone stuck in their throat. Frozen fish fillets without these harmful fishbones are safe for the elderly and children.

2. An important part of the production of frozen fish fillets is picking parasites. Put the peeled fish fillets on a special insect picking table to identify and pick out parasites. Almost all fish have parasites. Although fish are the lowest vertebrates, some parasites are still harmful to humans.

3. The production of frozen fish fillets is carried out in export processing plants, and each plant has its own sanitation and safety control program system. The frozen fish fillets are basically imported raw materials, which must be inspected by the inspection and quarantine department. After passing the inspection, an inspection and quarantine certificate will be issued. Raw material factories with inspection and quarantine certificates can be used for production, and the raw materials used to process fish fillets must not contain any pathogenic bacteria.

4. Frozen fish fillets are generally quick-frozen individually, and are packed into different specifications. Consumers can purchase bulk frozen fish fillets according to the number of people at the meal, which is more convenient to buy and eat. Fish fillets are much thinner than raw fish, which is convenient for freezing, saving refrigerator space and easier to defrost. Frozen fish fillets are easy to cook, and there is no need for cumbersome pre-cooking treatments such as removing scales, removing dirt as cleaning raw fish. Frozen fish fillets are suitable for all cooking methods of western food.

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