Social Responsibility

Meijia Frozen Food Supplier Donation

Meijia Frozen Food Manufacturer Donation

Pictures:  Shandong Meijia Group Co., Ltd. donated RMB 200,000 to areas affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia.

Sustainable Development

As one of frozen food manufacturing companies, Meijia is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct and ethics. As responsible corporate citizens, we have the responsibility to consider the social, environmental and economic impacts of our business decisions. Meijia is committed to becoming a positive force in the community through continuous sustainable development initiatives. These core values of corporate social responsibility are the guiding principles of MEIJIA's business activities.

Human Right

The Meijia order prohibits any form of illegal discrimination and harassment based on race, color, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.

Meijia Frozen Food Manufacturer Human Right

Meijia Frozen Food Supplier Human Right

Pictures: Leaders of Shandong Meijia Group dancing with ethnic minority employees to celebrate National Day.