Shandong Meijia Group won the 2020 Shandong Manufacturing High-end Brand Cultivation Enterprise

The Shandong Province 2020 "China Brand Day" event co-sponsored by the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Administration, the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee Propaganda Department, the Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Yantai Municipal People's Government was held in Yantai. The event announced the 2020 Shandong Province The list of high-end brand cultivation enterprises, of which Shandong Meijia Group Co., Ltd. has won the list again.

After the preliminary review of materials, expert review and quantitative index evaluation of 883 manufacturing and 228 service industries recommended and reported by the 16 municipal bureaus of Shandong Province, the 2020 Shandong Province manufacturing high-end brand enterprises will cultivate 228 high-end service brands cultivation 67 enterprises. Among them, 10 enterprises in Rizhao were shortlisted.

The brand is the soul of an enterprise and an intangible asset of an enterprise. As a reputable direct supplier of frozen goods, Meijia Group attaches great importance to brand building and effectively enhances its core competitiveness and high-quality development. In accordance with the requirements of “high quality, high efficiency, high integrity, high reputation, and high relevance” put forward by the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Administration, the group will continue to consolidate the quality and technical foundation, promote technological innovation, strengthen brand cultivation, and innovate in standards, quality improvement, quality training, quality management and system upgrades, etc., and strive to become a domestic high-end brand enterprise and product.

This award is an affirmation of the value of the "Meijiajia" brand and will also provide new impetus for the rapid development of Meijia. Our company will also take this as an opportunity to comprehensively improve product quality and promote corporate brand building and development.

2020 Shandong Manufacturing High-end Brand Cultivation Enterprise-Meijia Group

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