Whole Octopus Ball

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Whole Octopus Ball

Our frozen octopus are refreshing, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with octopus's flavour. Fresh and delicious octopus served with teriyaki sauce, Japanese mustard sauce, salad dressing, black pepper, chilli powder and wood fish fillets are far from chaotic and highlight the octopus's umami flavour. There are many ways to eat octopus and they are very simple. Spread the sauce on the surface of the takoyaki; It can be burned on iron plates; You can put it in the stir-fry when you cook; You can boil soup or eat hot pot. In short, you can eat what you want. Octopus are very popular among people, especially children's favourite hot pot dish.

Meijia group's octopus are exquisite in workmanship and more exquisite in materials. All of them are made of fresh raw materials and refined with imported high-end equipment. The packaging is easy to eat. It's very popular with people.

Frozen Whole Octopus Specification





5 or 6 pcs /10kg



At or below -18℃

Cooking Method Of Frozen Whole Octopus

  • Unpack and defrost it.

  • Fry with oil in a pan, or cook it in steam.

  • You can also heat it in the oven for about 10minutes at 180℃.

Whole Octopus Ball
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Even the frozen products were seasoned with different seasoning, you still can keep it for a long time, and when you want to eat it.
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