All vegetables are freshly picked from Meijia Group's own field. 

Strict pest and disease control are applied to all the fields Meijia owned.  

Meijia has a certificate in organic, GAP, BRC, etc. 

Meijia Wholesale Vegetables Products

Why Choose Meijia Wholesale Frozen vegatabels?

  • Scientific planting plan

    Specific vegetable planting base, scientific crop rotation planting plan.

  • Advanced production 

    Advanced production and processing equipment to reduce the loss of nutrients.

  • Strict production

    Strict product quality control, responsible for every consumer.

  • Good reputation

    Good reputation, long company history, stable suppliers and product sales channels.

How To Defrost Fish And Seafood?

When thawing, remove from packaging. Once thawed, eat it within one to two days. Do not refreeze again.

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