Sushi is a traditional Japanese cuisine. Sushi is always coated with seafood which is also called raw fish sashimi. As traditional Japanese seafood, Sushi is increasingly accepted by people in the world. We, Shandong Meijia Group, as a professional sushi seafood supplier, have more than 40 years of experience in producing and exporting Sushi seafood products to Japan. We can offer the sushi slice with many kinds of fish, including saba, salmon, ema Ebi, red shrimp, octopus, eel, halibut, whelk, etc. All the sushi slice processed by professional workers with top quality fresh fish meat for sushi, then pack as rqeuest and freezing in our cold store very quickly. We make every step fast to get the freshest and nutritious sushi slice for your dining table.

As a professional direct supplier of frozen goods, we can offer the sushi slice in different sizes, shapes and packages to satisfy your special request, our sushi seafood products are suitable for sale in any channels, such as supermarket, restaurant, wholesale and so on.

We are specilalized in sushi seafood products. If you are looking for a reliable Sushi seafood supplier, Meijia is pleased to cooperate with you and become your longterm partner.

Meijia Wholesale Sushi & Seafood Products

Why Choose Meijia Sushi & Seafood Products?

  • Top-quality material

    We purchase high quality seafood for sushi from the deep-sea area.

  • Strictly quality control

    High-quality request, all sushi products detail checked by QC departments before shipping.

  • Most advanced equipment

    We import the most advanced equipment in the world to deal with and freeze the fresh fish for sushi, which will not destroy the nutrition of fish.

  • Variety of products

    We have a wide range of sushi/sashimi grade seafood products, you can always find a suitable product for your business.

  • Good reputation

    We deal with this business for more than 40 years, approved by all our customers in the market.

Sushi Seafood Introduction

Sushi is traditional Japanese seafood, mainly uses high-quality fresh fish meat, and it's a very popular seafood in the world. The sushi slice pure natural seafood, it greatly retains the delicious taste of fish by fast-frozen, all nutritions are retained in the slice because of not cooking. This kind of food is nutritious and suitable for all ages.

How To Defrost Sushi and Seafood?

Put the sushi seafood products at room temperature or a small bag in water, when it becomes soft, open the bag and enjoy the Sushi-grade seafood.

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