Are you looking for frozen products made of surimi? As a professional processing company, Rizhao Jia Tian XiaFoodstuff which is one of Shandong Meijia Group's branch companies can supply to you the products exact you want.

We deliver our products and services to our clients: wholesale suppliers, foodservice distributors, and retail. Packing can be designed as the customer's requirements.

Meijia Wholesale Surimi Products

Why Choose Meijia Wholesale Surimi Products?

  • Deep-sea raw material 

      We select the raw material from all over the world to ask for ensuring the delicacy of your table.

  • Specialized processing method

      We have equipment with high technology and have enriched experience in the process.

  • Strictly quality control

      With the high demand for quality, the products need to be shipped after getting the QC department's confirmation.

  • Variety of products

      We have several branch companies, you can find as many products as you want.

  • Good reputation

      We are found in 1978, have so many clients who have established long-term cooperative relationships with us.

Short Processing Time For Frozen Surimi Products

We process it with sushi standard, erery worker has been trained strictly, and the QC department controls the processing ways with high demand. You can use it after cooking, or eat directly. 

How To Defrost Surimi Seafood Products?

Freeze in Refrigerator. When thawing, remove from packaging. 

Once thawed, eat it within one to two days. Do not refreeze again.

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