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Squid Ring

Squid ring processing products are increasing, there are leisure category, frozen category, as well as frozen squid ring for sale, frozen fried squid ring and other products. Speaking of squid ring many people are not strange, strong taste together with delicious will always make people salivate, in the face of the temptation of delicious filaments. Frozen squid as processing raw materials, when the raw materials thawed, generally use water immersion thawing, pay attention to the thawing temperature should not be too high, the thawing time should not be too long, to thaw to the micro frozen state is appropriate, otherwise, the squid will change color, affect the quality of the finished product. So the quality of our squid rings is guaranteed.

Frozen Squid Ring Specification





Minimum Order

Dia3-10cm, width 1-1.4cm

Dia 3-8cm, width 1-1.4cm

Bulk or bag


Peru, Argentina

At or below -18℃


Cooking Method Of Frozen Squid Ring

  • Unpack and defrost it at normal temperature.

  • Fry with oil in a pan, or cook it in steam.

  • You can also heat it in the oven for about 10minutes at 180℃.

Squid Ring
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