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With the improvement of people's living standards, snack foods are becoming more and more popular. Among them, edamame is very popular among consumers because of its high nutritional content and portability. Edamame has a moist taste, a bad mouth, and is easy to digest. It is suitable for all ages. The edible effect has the effects of invigorating the spleen, clearing heat and detoxification, and replenishing qi.

Among soybeans, the seasoned edamame cooking method is simple and easy, therefore, it becomes an indispensable delicacy on the family table.

Frozen Soybean Specification





Minimum Order

1) Ordinary products: Less than  700 pieces/500g

1) Ordinary products: 500g, 1kg, or according to customer requirements


At or below -18℃

1*20fcl (can combine with other vegetable products together)

2) Ready-to-eat products: Less than  700 pieces/500g

2) Ready-to-eat: 500g,1kg, or according to customer requirements


At or below -18℃

1*20fcl can be combined with other vegetable products together)

Cooking Methods Of Frozen Soybean (e.g. salted soybean)

This cooking method is an almost easy way:

  • Using clear water to wash it, and to cut off both ends of the pod.

  • Add an amount of water, star anise, soybean and salt.

  • Boiling it for 5-10 mins until the soybean is ripe, and remove from the heat.

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Even the frozen products were seasoned with different seasoning, you still can keep it for a long time, and when you want to eat it.
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