Snow Crab Leg Meat

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Snow Crab Leg Meat

Brief Introduction of Frozen Snow Crab Leg Meat

Snow crab leg meat is the most delicious part of the whole crab. We, Shandong Meijia Group import the snow crabs from St. Lawrence Bay on the coast of New Brunswick of Canada, the top quality snow crab producing area.

We purchase whole snow crab and cut the legs from the crab body, boil and remove the shell of the crab legs carefully, do our best to keep the whole leg meat, pick up the broken and not fresh leg meat, packing the left fresh, beautiful and great taste snow crab legs meat into the bag or tray, after freezing we send them to our partners in the worldwide by refrigerated transport, so all of our customers can get the best quality and fresh snow crab meat from us.

As a frozen food direct supplier, we are also pleased to build a business relationship with the people who need the snow crab leg meat for sale.

Snow Crab Leg Meat Specification


Processing Method



America, Canada

boiled, Shell off, packing


Length 10-13cm


10pcs x 30trays/ctn

Or as customer request

Ingredients of Frozen Snow Crab Leg Meat: Snow crab leg meat

Cooking Method of Snow Crab Leg Meat

  • Unpack and defrost it at a normal temperature.

  • Cut to fillet for Sushi usage.

  • Boiled or fried with delicious condiments.

  • Powder-coated and fried.

Snow Crab Leg Meat
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