Shrimp Paste

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Shrimp Paste

Do you love the Chinese Hot pot, then our frozen shrimp paste is your best choice with a hot pot!

Our frozen shrimp paste is fresh and tender, smooth and elastic. We are sure that you will feel the careful processing technology and careful processing methods When you enjoy our shrimp on your table. We can do any shape if you have a request for it. We use the Vannamei Shrimp which is the most delicious and fished in the greatest time, as well as palatable Argentina red shrimp and the arctic sweet shrimp that has a very good reputation in the world. In consideration of your nutritional needs, the fish roe with fresh fragrance with originality is added, which is delicious and nutritious, fresh and tender without losing flavor.

Frozen Shrimp Paste Stick Specification




Minimum Order

100g-1kg, or according to customer requirements


At or below -18℃


Cooking Method Of Frozen Shrimp Paste 

  • It is extremely delicious that slide the defrosted shrimp paste into balls and then put them straight into the pot, and you can prepare some side dishes for a richer taste.

  • Or place the Shrimp paste to boil in the Chinese hot pot.

  • Cook until they float and turn into pink colour.

  • Whisk two eggs in a bowl with shrimp together and stir well, then Steam it in a steamer for ten minutes, which is exceeding suitable for children.

Shrimp Paste
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Even the frozen products were seasoned with different seasoning, you still can keep it for a long time, and when you want to eat it.
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