As the first choice for raw food, salmon has the characteristics of tender and delicate meat. In the frozen state, the salmon's bright color and transparent ice cubes give you a strong visual impact. Fresh mouth, Meijia will make you unforgettable. High-quality salmon caught in clean waters, after layers of screening, presented on your table. Slices of brightly colored salmon make you instantly fall in love with this nutritious fish. Chosen from the long coastline of Chile, Meijia's salmon is a unique salmon for its unique geographical environment. In order to lock in each fresh, we use the most advanced equipment, the most skilled technicians, so that you can have a brand new experience in the ocean cuisine. Casting quality with heart is the consistent pursuit of Meijia Salmon. To provide you with every piece of ocean cuisine is our constant pursuit. As a salmon lover, what's the reason for you to refuse the fresh salmon feast from Meijia.

Meijia Wholesale Frozen Salmon Products

High-Quality Meijia Wholesale Frozen Salmon

Salmon has a variety of proteins that can be absorbed by the human body, and Meijia retains salmon's nutrition to the greatest extent. The strict production environment control, careful packaging service mode, one-stop processing and production system, so that you have no worries. Meijia carefully ensures the quality of salmon, you choose the best choice of salmon products.

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Even the frozen products were seasoned with different seasoning, you still can keep it for a long time, and when you want to eat it.
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