Salmon Slice

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Salmon Slice

Our company-Shandong Meijia Group is one of the biggest salmon products manufacture and exporter in Shandong China. To get the freshest salmon slice, we import the salmon from Norway and Chile catcher directly, we keep the fish at low temperature during the whole transport and storage, we processing the salmon into salmon slice strictly according to the processing technology by professional workers, processing and freezing fast is most important for a salmon fish slice, in this way we can keep the meat fresh and great taste, so you will get the freshest and delicious salmon slice from us as we are more professional and higher quality supplier in the salmon slice products.

Our salmon slice keeps the most nutrient content in the fish, including Omega-3, protein, minerals and trace elements and so on, these are very useful for your health.

Salmon Slice Specification


Processing Method



Norway, Chile

Smoked and cut

Salmon slice, 6-12g/pc


10pcs x 30trays/ctn

Or as customer request

Cooking Method Of Salmon Slice

  • Unpack and defrost it at room temperature.

  • Eat directly or with the sauce.

  • Simple processed for Sushi.

Salmon Slice
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