Redfish And Vegetable

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Redfish And Vegetable

In the fast-developing society, people's life and work are getting faster and faster. Fast and delicious is more and more popular. Because it not only meets the time-saving requirement but also tastes delicious. People often feel mad when cooking seafood, because the taste of the food will be poor after cooking in a short time. Now we can provide you with convenient and delicious food: redfish and mixed vegetables. We will cut the fish fillets and prepare the corresponding vegetables for consumers. In this way, when eating, just add a small amount of water and ingredients and cook for 3 to 4 minutes.

Redfish And Vegetable Specification




Minimum Order

redfish, mixed vegetables (mixed broccoli, taro carrots, etc.)

The vegetable composition can be adjusted according to customer requirements

according to customer requirements

At or below -18℃

1*20fcl(can be combined with other frozen products together)

Cooking Methods Of  Redfish And Vegetable

  • Unpack and defrost.

  • Add an amount of water and ingredients sauce and cook for 3~4 minutes.

Redfish And Vegetable
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