Pre-Fried Imitation Scallop

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Pre-Fried Imitation Scallop

Brief Introduction of Pre-Fried Imitation Scallops

It is listed as one of the "eight treasures of the Sea" because of its delicious taste, known as the "seafood best" reputation, especially the grain shape bloating, light yellow color, feel the dry and fragrant, tender and glutinous sweet taste and so on. In general, scallop is a kind of seafood with high edible value, mainly because scallop not only tastes good but also can be eaten in a variety of ways. For example, scallop fans are a way for many people to love to eat, which scallop meat column edible value is also quite high, and also has a higher pharmacological effect, the nourishing effect of the human body is stronger.

The imitation scallops made by the frozen food direct supplier now are one of the must-eat seafood dishes on the table. Pre-fried imitation scallops can be eaten in a variety of ways. You can fry the imitation scallops in the pan with a little oil. You can also use the oven to heaten imitation scallops at 170℃ for about 15 minutes. And you can also use the imitation scallop to make a dish with leek. But no matter how you cook imitation scallops, our pre-fried fish steak will give you different tasting surprises. As a professional imitation scallops manufacturer, Meijia is honored to provide you with high-quality tasty imitation scallops. If you don't know where to buy frozen breaded scallops, welcome to contact us.

Pre-Fried Imitation Scallops Specification






18-20g, or Customized

360g x 30pcs  x 1


At or below -18℃


Ingredients of Pre-Fried Imitation Scallops:

Itoyori surimi, Soybean oil, Tempura pulp powder and Coating powder

Nutrition Facts of Pre-Fried Imitation Scallops

Nutrition Facts

Per 100g


151 kcal


7.2 g

Total Fat

3.9 g


1.8 g

Cooking Method of Pre-Fried Imitation Scallops

  • Unpack and defrost pre-fried imitation scallops at normal temperature.

  • Fry the imitation scallops with oil in a pan or eat with a hot pot.

  • Heat the imitation scallop by the oven for about several minutes at 50℃.

Pre-Fried Imitation Scallop
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