Pre-Fried Fish Steak

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Pre-Fried Fish Steak

Fried food is one of the most popular food styles. Then have you tried fried fish steak? Chosen superfine fish material with good color and good freshness as the material, our fried fish steaks not only looks nice in shape and color, but also tastes delicate. Because of the crispy and delicious taste, it attracts more and more people. It is more and more popular in people's life.

The fried fish steak is full of nutrients like protein, carbohydrate and microelement. Under strict processing and control, ensure that you taste delicious at the same time, more bring you nutrition and health.

The fried fish steak now is one of the must-eat seafood dishes on the table.

Breaded and Pre-fried fish steak can be eaten in a variety of ways. You can use water flow to defrost it and then fry it in the pan with a little oil. You can also use the oven to heat it at 170℃ for about 15 minutes. But no matter how you cook it, our pre-fried fish steak will give you different tasting surprises.

Pre-Fried Fish Steak Specification





Minimum Order

75g, 80g, or customized

75g/80g x 10pcs x 12bags x 1ctn


At or below -18℃


Cooking Method Of Frozen Breaded and Pre-Fried Fish Steak

  • Unpack and defrost it.

  • Eat directly or fry with oil in a pan.

  • Heat by oven at 180℃for about 15 min.

Pre-Fried Fish Steak
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