Pollock Fillet

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Pollock Fillet

From the high latitude fresh cod, pollock has high quality and unique nutritional value. If you want a taste of polar, please try to eat pollock. The pollock chosen by Meijia comes from the best quality sea area where pollock grows, which is your best choice. High-quality raw materials are the most basic guarantee, the best processing techniques, advanced equipment and instruments to fully ensure the fresh and tender quality of pollock. Our fish pollock fillets retain the most nutritious ingredients of pollock, giving you the most healthy life experience on the basis of retaining the original flavor. When you are struggling to choose a variety of seafood for dinner, the exotic pollock gives you a different taste of seafood dinner. At Meijia, you can choose a variety of packaging forms, enjoy the original pollock at the same time, personalized packaging also makes it bright. Meijia's pollock fillet is your best choice of pollock.

Frozen Pollock Fillets Specification





Minimum Order

100-150g or customized

700g/bag x 12bags x 1ctn

The U.S.A.

At or below -18℃


Cooking Method Of Frozen Pollock Fillets

  • Unpack and defrost it.

  • Fry with oil in a pan, or cook it in steam.

  • You can also heat it in the oven for about 10minutes at 180℃.

Pollock Fillet
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