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Octopus Slice

Brief Introduction of Octopus Slice

Our frozen octopus slices are cut from high-quality octopus tentacles. We buy octopus materials from quality suppliers only. We boiled the tentacles with water of which the temperature is strictly controlled to make sure the good taste of the octopus tentacles and retain the nutrients. Then cool the tentacles with ice water to keep them flexible before being cut into octopus slices.

As one of the leading frozen food manufacturing companies, we have high-quality octopus slice for sale and we also have have professional workers who can cut the frozen octopus slices to your request size and we can offer different packing for the sliced octopus to satisfy your request. 

After the processing, the octopus slice keeps the nutrients as if the octopus are just caught. The frozen octopus slice is rich in protein, minerals, and other nutrients, and is also rich in anti-fatigue and anti-aging nutrients which can help to extend human life and other important health factors-natural taurine. The octopus slice is a direct food and also can be cooked as you like, such as Sushi, frying, grilling, and so on.

Octopus Slice Specification


Processing Method




boiled and cut




10pcs x 50trays/ctn

Or as customer request

Ingredients of Octopus Slice: Octopus tentacles meat

Cooking Method Of Octopus Slice

  • Unpack the octopus slice and defrost the frozen octopus slices at room temperature. Then you can eat it directly or you can dip the sliced octopus into a dip you like before eating.

  • Simple processed for Sushi. Defrost the sliced octopus and prepare some rice, sushi vinegar, sugar, and salt. Add some vinegar, sugar and salt to the rice and mix it. Shape the rice into sushi balls and put an octopus slice on each of the balls.  Octopus slice sushi is finished. You can eat it directly or with mustard, soy sauce, or other sauces. 

  • Simply fried octopus slices.

  • Simply grilled sliced octopus skewers with cumin and chili powder

Octopus Slice
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