Mackerel Fillet

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Mackerel Fillet

The clearest and purest waters produce the most delicious mackerel. We catch quality mackerel from the Atlantic ocean, providing you with the most global flavor of fresh mackerel fillet. At Meijia, we maintain the highest quality requirements while selecting our raw materials. Mackerel fillet processing has formed a complete production management method, processing mackerel is a major feature of Meijia. You can take whole mackerel fish fillets home and enjoy the fish while tasting the secrets of the ocean. Also, you can choose mackerel kirimi to avoid cooking troubles. In addition, we, Meijia have always been committed to the protection of your eating experience. Not only are we able to produce boneless mackerel, but we are also able to produce pin bone on the mackerel. The unique appearance of the packaging become a major highlight of Meijia's Mackerel. We provide the most suitable packaging of mackerel fillet for your needs, not only let you feel the fresh Marine food but also let you feel the beauty experience.

Mackerel Fillet Specification





Minimum Order

100g-180g for each piece

5kg-10kg, or according to customer requirements




At or below -18℃


Cooking Method Of Frozen Mackerel Fillet

  • Stir-fried mackerel is a popular recipe and an easy choice when you're hungry.

  • If you have an oven at home with salt, pepper, and other seafood seasonings, you can grill mackerel fillets.

  • Make a salad using the cooked mackerel.

Mackerel Fillet
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