Imitation Fish Cake

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Imitation Fish Cake

Have you ever been to China? You are bound to find most Chinese people love the food made of Imitation Fish Cake for its easy way of cuisine if you have ever been there. Our frozen imitation fish cake selects the more polytrophic and pelagic minced pollack meat through a series of processes that got a lot of people's love and praise. Many people including a lot of students will be hurry to go to work or school but they do have not enough time to eat when they get up late, then our Imitation Fish Cake will be the best choice as a convenient, yummy, and healthy breakfast at that moment. In addition, since the wholesale price of our Imitation Fish Cake is humanized that most people can be affordable. Meijia is one of the professional frozen surimi cake suppliers in China. We can provide you with healthy and tasty imitation fish cake. In a word, our Imitation Fish Cake will be an unexceptionable option if you are looking for food with healthy, convenient, and palatable and want it to be good products that sell in your store and supplied for your local people.

Frozen Imitation Fish Cake Specification





Minimum Order


450g, 500g, or according to customer requirements


At or below -18℃


Cooking Method Of Frozen Imitation Fish Cake

  • Deep fry the imitation fish cake or heat it in the microwave after thawing, conveniently and palatable.

  • Cut the imitation fish cake into strips and mix it with some vegetables or meat to cook Chinese cuisine.

  • It is delicious that add some of it to a soup after cutting up.

Imitation Fish Cake
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