Imitation Colored Fish Cake

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Imitation Colored Fish Cake

Do you love the Chinese hot pot?  Imitation Colored Fish Fake is one of the ingredients of Chinese hot pot, which is quite popular by virtue of its pretty shape and toothsome taste. In China, people are fond of it and it is an inevitable choice of them when they get together with families or friends in a local hot pot restaurant. Of course, it is able to be cooked a variety of cuisine depend on the taste of different people. Please elect our Imitation Fish Cake if you are seeking an excellent food ingredient since we not only could meet your all kinds of need regardless of any size and pack but also our processes and technology is big-league that you will be certain to feel regretful after missing our products. Besides, The material of our colored fish cake is well-chosen and remarkable deep ocean minced pollack that rich in nutrient substance, which is a healthy food with a prominent flavour.

Frozen Imitation Colored Fish Cake Specification





Minimum Order


220g, or according to customer requirements


At or below -18℃


Cooking Method Of Frozen Imitation Colored Fish Cake

  • Usually, most people Cook the Chinese Pot with the Imitation coloured Fish Cake, so you can enjoy it like them if you like.

  • It's so palatable that roast the Imitation-colored Fish Cake with some seasoning of cumin and chilli paste, which flavour is unique.

  • Cooking a soup with some vegetables when you want to drink something at your table.

Imitation Colored Fish Cake
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