Halibut Slice

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Halibut Slice

Brief Introduction of Halibut Slice

Greenland halibut is famous for its delicious meat, Shandong Meijia buys the top quality halibut from here. We got ship frozen halibut from the catcher and keep the fish at low temperature during the whole transport, so the halibut arrives at our cold storage very fresh. This is the basis to supply high-quality halibut slice. We skin off the fish and remove the frill from the body, then cut the halibut fillets into slices. In the whole processing, the temperature keeps below 10 degrees so that the fish meat is fresh and delicious after the process.

Our halibut slice riches in protein, vitamin A and D, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, especially vitamin B6 is abundant, but the fat content is low, The halibut slice is a kind of high quality and heathy seafood. As one of the frozen food vendors, we are pleased to offer you this kind of product.

Halibut Slice Specification


Processing Method



Norway, Green land

Skin off, cut


Thickness 2-4mm


Or as customer request

Ingredients of Halibut Slice: Fresh halibut slice

Cooking Method of Halibut Slice

  • Unpack and defrost it at room temperature.

  • Eat directly or with the sauce.

  • Simple processed for Sushi.

Halibut Slice
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