Whether you are looking for products for yourself, a restaurant, a supermarket or restaurant chains, Shandong Meijia Group will always be the best choice. If you need to choose multiple products but with less quantity for each one, we are also your best choice, since we can mix different kinds of products in one container. With the changes of the international processing market, Meijia Group committed to learning all kinds of products to meet the market demand, strength the control of the processing product industry chain, focusing on the quality of products, attention to the control of raw materials to ensure the quality requirements. As a frozen food direct supplier of bulk frozen fish fillets and seafood, we have our own professional processing team and factory to offer a variety of frozen fish products to suit both your personal and business needs. If you are looking for a reliable and professional bulk frozen fish fillets supplier, welcome to contact us! 

Meijia Wholesale Frozen Fish Fillets & Seafood Products

Why Choose Meijia Wholesale Frozen Fish Fillets & Seafood Products?

  • Deep-sea raw material

    We purchase raw material from all over the world and ask for qualified certificates.

  • Specialized processing method

    We have equipment with high technology and have enriched experience in the process.

  • Strictly quality control

    With the high demand for quality, the products need to be shipped after getting the QC department's confirmation.

  • Variety of products

    We have several branch companies, you can find as many products as you want.

  • Good reputation

    We are found in 1978, have so many clients who have established long-term cooperative relationships with us.

Why Choose Meijia Wholesale Frozen Fish Fillets & Seafood Products?

Is Frozen Fish and Seafood Healthy?

Absolutely. Since it freezes soon after being captured, the taste is better and the microbial activity is also restricted. Therefore, it does not need to add preservatives and can be stored for a long time. It can also provide us with abundant high-quality protein, fat, Minerals, these nutrients will not be greatly affected by quick freezing.

Is Frozen Fish and Seafood Healthy?

How To Defrost Fish And Seafood?

Let it thaw naturally in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. When thawing, remove from packaging. 

Once thawed, eat it within one to two days. Do not freeze again.

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