Eel Slice

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Eel Slice

Our eel slice uses the conger eel (anago), it's a kind of moray, the meat is more delicious and nutritious than the rive eel. We purchase the live eel from the local catcher and farmers. Most time we slaughter the living eel, boiled or roasted the eel fillet very fast, avoid to destroy nutrients and keep the good taste of it. After cooling the eel fillet, we cut it to slice as our customer request. Our eel slice is cooked, boneless and ready to eat food, it's very suitable to use sushi and children food. We can offer boiled and roasted eel slice in a different size, such as 6g/pc. We have a small package for retail in the supper market and big packing for a distributor. Offer the nutritious, ready to eat eel slice to all our customers is our final aim.

Eel Slice Specification


Processing Method




Boiled/roasted and cut


Thickness 2-4mm

Kabayaki eel slice


Or as customer request

Cooking Method Of Eel Slice

  • Unpack and defrost it at room temperature.

  • Eat directly or with the sauce

  • Simple processed for Sushi

Eel Slice
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