Conger Eel is found all along the coast of China, mostly in the East China Sea. The Conger Eel is one of the main species of fishing in the East China Sea. First of all, Conger eel contains a lot of calcium, and its skin and meat are rich in collagen. The collagen contained in eel can beautify and beautify the skin, which is good for protecting the skin, so the Conger eel is a kind of good health food, which can improve people's immunity. In Japanese cuisine, roasted eel is always served with rice. A large piece of eel is placed on rice, vegetables are placed, and the eel juice is poured into the rice. The fish juice is both nutritious and fragrant. Maybe you can choose eel slices and process the products in the appropriate specifications and packaging according to your requirements.

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Meijia Wholesale Frozen Conger Eel Products

High-Quality Meijia Wholesale Frozen Conger Eel

We use high-quality raw materials to preserve the freshness of eels. The professional processing team of customs clearance, as well as strict quality control, will combine products with rest assured, to make healthy products. Choosing Meijia products is to make customers feel at ease and eat at ease.

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