Cold Water Shrimp

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Cold Water Shrimp

Brief Introduction of Cold Water Shrimp

Coldwater shrimp (Coldwater Prawn) is pure wild shrimp, caught from the north deep-sea area, with no pollution, no parasites, but delicious and natural seafood. The fresh wild cold water shrimp is approved as a top ingredient for Sushi by all people.

The wild cold water shrimp, as the seafood for Sushi, is rich in protein and minerals, eat the cold water shrimp regularly can help to strengthen immunity and regulate metabolism. All our cold water shrimp for sale caught from Newfoundland of Canada and frozen on the ship to keep the shrimp's umami. As a frozen food business supplier, we process the shrimps by pick up the shell and deveined carefully, the head and tail will be left as the customer request. By whole cold chain transportation, we can send the most quality and fresh wild cold water shrimps to your dinner, make sure the shrimp keep the taste as it just caught from the deep sea. We also offer a different kind of packing for our cold water shrimps, to satisfy various sale channels, such as supper market, wholesale, sushi place, restaurant and so on.

Cold Water Shrimp Specification


Processing Method




Shell off, devein off, IQF, head off



40pcs x 30trays/ctn


Ingredients of Cold Water Shrimp:

 Fresh wild cold water shrimp meat

Cooking Method of Cold Water Shrimp

  • Unpack and defrost it at normal temperature.

  • Fry with oil in a pan or eat with a hot pot.

  • Heat it in the oven for about several minutes at 50℃.

Cold Water Shrimp
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