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Frozen carrot is one of the frozen vegetable products of Shandong Meijia Group. It has a warm and lively orange, it has a taste of sweet silk. As people's pace of life is faster and faster, people's dietary requirements and demands for vegetables are higher and higher. The nutritional value of carrot has been paid more and more attention. This is mainly because the carotene in carrots is the main source of vitamin A, which promotes growth. Carotenoids in carrots can enhance the production of antibodies in the B cells of the human immune system, thereby enhancing the effect of human immunity. People should pay attention to nutrition already, want to notice to use convenience again. The frozen carrots of Shandong Meijia Group, using steam to kill green, well retain the nutrients of carrots, the packaging is simple and easy to operate, well meet this point.

Frozen carrot now becomes more and more popular among young people because of the fast pace of life and the pursuit of vegetable nutrition and because of their convenience to carry and operate.

Frozen Carrot Specification





Minimum Order

Slice (5-7 g)(7-9 g)/ piece/silk

30g, 80g


At or below -18℃


Cooking Method Of Frozen Carrot

  • Unpack and defrost frozen carrot.

  • Fry it in the pan with a little oil. You can also use the oven to heaten it at 170℃ for about 15 minutes, taste it with the sauce, you won't forget the taste.

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