Have you ever tried breaded and pre-fried seafood?

Meijia's breaded products are different from other products. there are non-fried products, such as breaded imitation scallop, breaded shrimp steak/prawn cake, etc.

Pre-Fried products include the main processing of gold shrimp, crispy fish steak, seafood and vegetable cake.

Crunchy and inviting taste, delicate, good quality. This is because we only use selected raw materials, coupled with our strict management, accurate detection and control, this makes the beautiful and delicate products. Each product contains the seriousness of Meijia people.

The breaded products are mainly delivered to Kobe supermarkets, convenience stores and food and beverage chains in Japan. The domestic market, they are mainly to food and beverage stores with fryer system, chain stores, etc.

The fried products are mainly sold to convenience store chains (China 7ELEVEN, Family mart, Chuang Chuang Convenience store, Convenient bee) in China.

In overseas mainly sold to Hong Kong, Japan Kobe and other customers.

Product specification: golden shrimp steak 80g crispy fish steak 75g 80g vegetable cake 30g 80g.

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Why Choose Meijia Wholesale Frozen Breaded & Pre-Fried Products?

  • Best raw material

    We select the best raw materials every short period to ensure the delicacy of your table.

  • Strict production

    We strictly manage the production to ensure that every detail meets the standard requirements.

  • Advanced equipment

    We import and use the most advanced equipment in the world, which will not destroy the nutrition of fish.

  • Different sauces

    We use different sauces according to different characteristics to make the fish taste best.

  • Various packaging

    We are able to provide you with a variety of forms of packaging to meet your requirements.

Breaded & Pre-Fried Products Introduction

The breaded and pre-fried products are easier to cook than those that have not been processed. Meijia will create a safe and healthy lifestyle for you. Choose Meijia's breaded and pre-fried products, you will be closer to happiness and new life. Choose the favoured products of Meijia to start the most beautiful day.

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