Argentina Shrimp Butterfly Slice

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Argentina Shrimp Butterfly Slice

Argentina red shrimp is pure wild shrimp, caught from pure and non-pollution, low-temperature sea area, the shrimp meat is fatty and delicious. It's rich in protein and minerals such as Fe, vitamin B12 etc, eat it regularly can help to strengthen immunity.

We source our Argentina red shrimp from Argentina and accept the ship frozen shrimps only. Because only this type of product can keep the shrimp’s umami. We process the shrimps by pick of the shell and deveined carefully, cut the head and tail, then cut the body of shrimp along the devein to butterfly slice, after these, we pack the butterfly slice and frozen. Through whole cold chain transportation we send the top quality and fresh shrimp butterfly slice to your dinner, do our best to keep the taste as it just caught from the sea. We also offer a different kind of packing can satisfy various sale channels, such as supper market, wholesale, sushi place, restaurant and so on.

Argentina Shrimp Butterfly Slice Specification


Processing Method




Shell off, devein off, head off, cut at the black


Length 10-13cm


10pcs x 30trays/ctn

Or as customer request

Cooking Method Of Argentina Shrimp Butterfly Slice

  • Unpack and defrost it at a normal temperature.

  • Eat directly or used for Sushi.

Argentina Shrimp Butterfly Slice
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