Meijia Wholesale Frozen Food Supplier
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Meijia Wholesale Frozen Food Supplier

Shandong Meijia Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise provides frozen aquatic products and frozen vegetables. There are ten branch companies and large vegetables fields at Meijia Group. Diversified products are offered at Meijia, which includes sushi seafood, salted, boiled, roasted, smoked, dried, seasoning products and organic vegetables. The annual processing capacity is more than 20,000 MT. Goods are exporting to Japan, USA, EU, Middle-east area and South-east Asia. With high-quality products and excellent services, Meijia Group have built strong long-term business relationships with customers worldwide.

Types Of Frozen Food We Supply

Fish Fillets & Seafood

At Meijia Group, products are processed by experts, premium raw seafood are purchased from the best place in the world, quality is 100% promised!

Frozen Surimi

Made from real seafood. Processed by advanced technology. Taste better than real crab. Meijia Group's Surimi is consumer's best choice.

Breaded & Pre-Fried Products

Juicy seafood breaded by crispy golden crumb, no one on the earth will refuse such delicacy. Meijia Group's Breaded and Pre-fried ranges are all freshly made at newly invested factory.

Sushi Seafood

All Sushi seafood at Meijia Group are freshly made from top-quality raw materials, professionally processed and sealed immediately after production line. Sushi products offer best tasting to family or Sushi restaurant.

Seasoned Products

Enjoying seafood in a tastier way, Meijia Group's seasoned ranges are here to satisfy consumers no matter how picky your taste is. Smoked and Roasted products are also available for customers' choices.

Frozen Vegetables

Freshly collected from Meijia's own vegetable fields, professionally cleaned to meet strict hygiene standards, the final taste is fresher than fresh! All vegetable fields are owned, planted and managed by Meijia's own professionals, a reliable and healthy vegetable source is 100% guaranteed.

Benefits Of Frozen Food

  • Satisfy your taste at any time: keep it at or below -18℃,ready to eat at any time you want.

  • Long time freshness: products were frozen as soon as they were processed, freshness is sealed, fewer differences between our products and fresh foods.

  • Seasoned products offered by frozen food direct supplier can be stored for a reasonable time at suggested temperature. Simply open, defrost and cook it, a convenient and healthy meal will be ready for you at any time you need.

Benefits Of Frozen Food

Frozen Food Vs Fresh Food

  • Storage time is different: frozen can be stored longer, you can keep it for 12, 18 even 24 months, just keep it at proper temperature

  • Transport cost is different: frozen products cost less and easy to be transported, especially for long distance, there is no need to worry about the quality is dropping as long as product is packed in a right way.

  • Frozen product is more convenience than fresh product: with the help of advanced technology in freeze, customers have opportunities to enjoy foods which are not in season. Meijia's frozen products are able to diversify your meal regardless of seasonality.

Frozen Food Vs Fresh Food
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Even the frozen products were seasoned with different seasoning, you still can keep it for a long time, and when you want to eat it.
Meijia Frozen Food Supplier