Nutrition and Cooking Method of Halibut Fillet

1. Understanding of Halibut

Halibut is also known as flounder, partial mouth, butterfly fish, left mouth, opium fish, land fish.

Flounders belong to the class of bony fishes, and they belong to the class of Halibut. The body is flat and asymmetrical, with both eyes on the left side. The lower jaw is prominent in the anterior position of the mouth. The edge of the front operculum is free. The skin on the side with the eyes is dark gray or patchy, and the skin on the side without the eyes is white.

2. Nutrition of halibut slices

There are many types of halibut, which are widely distributed in tropical or temperate oceans. There are also many productions along the coast of China, which are mainly used for fresh food or canned and salty dried products. Halibut liver oil can be extracted from halibut livers. In particular, the flounder species is a rare fish from the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea in China. Like other species of flounder, it is a season-famous delicacy. Halibut slices are tender and white in texture, delicious and plump. It is helpful for human health and can be eaten by the general population.

3. How to cook halibut

In cooking, halibut is suitable for frying, frying, grilling and other dishes to make delicious halibut slices. In addition, seared halibut slice is widely used in Western food and are deeply loved by people. To make pan-fried halibut slices: add a variety of seasonings and marinate, then use kitchen paper to absorb the moisture, and fry until both sides are browned. In the mouth, the fragrance of fish spreads first; then, the teeth feel crisp on the outside and tender on the inside; then, the deliciousness and delicateness of the fish bloom on the tip of the tongue.

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