Edamame with Its Good Partners Helps Keep You Healthy

In summer, you sweat a lot and lose too much potassium in your body, which can easily cause symptoms such as drowsiness and poor spleen and stomach. As long as you eat this dish well, it will benefit your spleen and let you have an appetite every day!

1. The matching method of edamame

1. Edamame + shiitake mushrooms. This dish invigorates the spleen. In summer, the human body should take in enough potassium, which can effectively avoid the appearance of groggy and fatigue after sweating. Edamame and shiitake mushrooms are rich in potassium, and they are good for body maintenance in summer.

2. Edamame + lotus root. This dish nourishes the lungs and clears the intestines. The edamame we usually talk about is green soybean, which can be eaten as vegetables. Similar to most legumes, edamame is also very rich in dietary fiber, which can increase satiety. It is also very helpful to clean the intestines if eaten appropriately every day. Lotus root can clear away heat and moisturize the lungs. Combining sliced lotus root with edamame doubles the effect.

3. Edamame + loofah. This dish can clear away the heat. It's too hot in summer to get rid of dampness and heat. In addition, if you eat too many fruits with high sugar content, such as mango, lychee, and longan, you may have endogenous fire. There are also significant effects if you eat this dish for food therapy.

4. Edamame + chicken. This dish nourishes the skin and the body. The chicken is rich in protein and tender meat, which can nourish the body. The dietary fiber of edamame can improve the intestinal environment and promote the body's metabolism. Keeping the intestines healthy will improve the skin condition.

Ⅱ. How to preserve edamame

How to preserve the remained edamame and keep them from deteriorating? Put the peeled edamame into a fresh-keeping bag and put it directly in the freezer for storage, so that you can take the frozen edamame as you eat next time, which is very convenient. This will not only prevent the loss of nutrients, but also the taste of chilled edamame will not lose.

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