Company Culture

Meijia Frozen Food Supplier Corporate Purposes
Mission Statement

Diversifying people's health diet by offering a wild range of nutritious processed seafood & vegetable, delivering unique food culture to public by continuing supply innovated products globally.

Meijia Frozen Food Supplier Corporate Value
Corporate Value

Healthy life and happy working make people efficient towards success.

Meijia Frozen Food Supplier Employment View
Highlight in Employment

Stable career, strong feeling of happiness, reasonable remuneration, fair competition, abundant opportunity.

Meijia Frozen Food Supplier Work Belief
Belief of Working

Profit is never gained by sacrifice of credibility and soul.

Meijia Frozen Food Supplier Relation Between Corporate And Employees
Relation Between Company And Employees

Employees are treated as family members at Meijia Group. Employees are proud of being a Meijia person.