Chinese Celebrity Chefs Gather in Rizhao to Compete for Best Chef

"Taste Meijia's food, feel high-quality life". On the morning of September 27th, the MEIJIA·Chinese famous chef Invitational Competition&Tourism and Food Communication Activity in Rizhao opened. More than 50 celebrity chefs from all over the country gathered here to stage a gourmet "champion match".


The event was hosted by China Cuisine Association and Shandong Meijia Group Co., Ltd. and undertaken by the Catering Supply Chain and New Retail Committee of China Cuisine Association, Hangzhou Caiyu Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong Meijia Group Co., Ltd.


Domestic famous chefs are invited to participate in the event, which is divided into five groups: halibut, head of halibut, Norwegian mackerel fillet, crab fillet, Atlantic red fish fillet, salmon, star eel fillet, squid egg fillet and designated dishes (seafood lion head and seafood dumplings).


At the competition site, more than 50 famous chefs from all over the country can choose any group. Within a limited time, they carefully prepared more than 100 dishes such as typhoon halibut, char-grilled eel slices, and mustard crab rolls with designated ingredients, bringing a catering cultural feast to the audience and the judges.


Through competitions and exchanges between famous chefs, dishes and products, this competition aims to enrich the tourism catering market and expand food promotion channels. At the same time, this competition provides high-quality supply services to the catering consumer market, develops the catering industry, and promotes the "dual cycle" development strategy.sdmeijiagroup-5.jpg

The Invitational Competition also held a series of supporting activities, such as a Roundtable Forum, a speech on "Current Status and Future Trends of Chinese Aquatic Products", and a communication meeting on the market development and demands of catering standardized products.


Many well-known chambers of commerce and associations such as China Cuisine Association, China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association, Shandong Cuisine Association, Maruha Nichiro Corporation participated in this invitational competition. These organizations have a strong influence in industries such as catering and aquatic products, and have made outstanding contributions in industry organization, industry self-discipline, resource integration, talent training, etc., and have promoted the progress and development of the industry.


At the competition site, the chefs skillfully handled various ingredients. They were awfully busy and happy.sdmeijiagroup-8.jpg

The chefs have come up with exclusive unique skills, they use different cooking techniques to show their own style and chef demeanor.


After a busy period of time, the participating chefs cook a variety of delicious foods with their superb cooking skills.


"Fried Halibut"

"Golden Seafood Lion Head"

"New Style Poached Halibut"



Dozens of dishes have appeared one after another, accompanied by bursts of fragrance, which makes people mouth-watering.



Each dish was carefully arranged in terms of color, presentation and taste, which attracted many guests to stop and take pictures.


After judging by the taste, texture and presentation of dishes, the competition also awarded special gold awards, gold awards, silver awards and bronze awards.

The competition and communication activity were successfully held. While exchanging cooking skills and enhancing cooperation and exchanges, this competition further promotes the food culture, cultivates and develops aquatic series of catering brands, helps improve the industry's product R&D and innovation capabilities, and promotes the communication between Rizhao's aquatic products and the catering industry. At the same time, a product exhibition of Rizhao "Santong" promotion alliance enterprises was held to promote Rizhao's "Santong" products.


The competition built a platform for Rizhao aquatic products processing and export enterprises to accelerate quality improvement and domestic sales transformation, which will promote high-quality export products to better connect with the domestic market, meet the upgrading needs of domestic consumption, and realize the high-quality development of aquatic products processing industry.

China Cuisine Association was established in April 1987. The association has carried out various professional skill competitions, skill exchanges and dish R & D activities, which have made positive contributions to carrying forward Chinese food culture and improving the level of cooking skills in the industry. The "China pengxie festival" and various food festivals held by it play an important role in strengthening skill exchange, promoting innovation and development, developing and prospering the market and driving the local economy.

Founded in 1973, Shandong Meijia Group Co., Ltd. has adhered to the field of marine food for nearly half a century. At the major historical juncture of "great changes not seen in a century", in order to seek faster and more balanced development, it has officially launched the market-oriented transformation and upgrading with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation, which is of great significance to the brand construction, product structure Market network, etc. Positioning as "new era, new Meijia", taking the hosting of the cooking competition as the starting point, the company showed its new products, new brands and new images to local dealers participating in the cooking competition.

The competition was strongly supported by China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association, the marine aquatic products processing professional committee of Rizhao chamber of China Chamber of International Commerce, Rizhao Santong enterprise promotion alliance and Rizhao tourism hotel cooking association.

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