A Recipe for Frying Cauliflower Balls

This recipe is about fancy broccoli and is extremely similar to falafel. It's a quite light appetizer with delicious flavor and delicate shape.

1. Ingredients of Fancy Broccoli Balls

½ fancy broccoli;

1 carrot (diced);

1 egg;

1 TSP Turmeric, salt, coriander;

1/8 TSP paprika;

¼ cup coriander (chopped);

2 TBSP EV olive oil;

¼ -½ cups chickpea powder.

2. Steps of Fancy Broccoli Balls

1) Firstly, remove the leaves from the fancy broccoli and cut out the core. Then roughly divide into individual florets.

2) Place the fancy broccoli on a baking tray, stir in a little oil and salt, and bake in a 375ºF oven until it turn into golden brown.

3) Cool the fancy broccoli slightly, then transfer to a food processor.

4) Add the carrots, eggs, turmeric, salt, coriander, paprika, coriander and olive oil to a food processor as well. Beat the mixture until it is quite fine but still a bit textured.

5) Mix the mixture with the chickpea flour. Use enough flour to make the mixture stick together, so start with a ¼ scale of cup and add more as needed until you can press together by hand to form dumplings.

6)Press the mixture by hand into balls or patties (any shape as you like) and place in a preheated cast-iron or non-stick frying pan over medium heat.

7) Cook them on all sides until completely browned, turning them gently.

8) Serve hot. They are great themselves and can also be enjoyed together on salad!

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