SINCE 1973
Exceptional Quality / Natural Ingredient/ Fast Process Procedure /
Airtight Packing / Reliable Delivery / Incredible Taste
Product Information
SINCE 1973
Exceptional Quality / Natural Ingredient/ Fast Process Procedure /
Airtight Packing / Reliable Delivery / Incredible Taste
Product Information
As a leading direct supplier of frozen foods in the seafood processing industry, Shandong Meijia Group is always sourcing the finest seafood globally & processing professionally. Experienced experts, from direct supplier of frozen goods, pass premium frozen products to countries worldwide.
The distinctive point of Meijia Group's frozen surimi product is that most of the ingredients are seafood. Customers can barely taste the difference between our frozen imitation products and real crab meat. With the help of advanced processing technology, Meiji Group, as a frozen food direct supplier and wholesaler, is delivering a range of surimi products as per below.
Surimi made by frozen food direct supplier Meijia Group
Sushi Seafood
Freshly made from premium seafood & Immediately sealed and stored. As a professional Asian frozen food products direct supplier, Meijia Group always provides products to make your Sushi stands on top of the market.
Meijia Group, a professional frozen food direct supplier, provides seasoned, smoked and roasted products. Multiple flavors of seasoning are offered, and products like frozen fish made by the direct supplier of frozen foods can be presented in dried, boiled, or marinated, etc. Process of natural smoke gives products rich taste, method of beech smoked is often used. The feature of "Never Too Dry" is coming from a perfect roast processing line, which gives our products a juicy taste, choices of roasted with sauce or without sauce are offered. Meijia, the reliable frozen food products direct supplier.
A combination of fish and vegetable not only gives people health but also a happy mood. Nutritious cooking, as a healthy meal, is becoming simple by using combination (fish and vegetable) products which are made by the frozen food manufacturing company Meijia.
Your Best Choice for Frozen Food Direct Supplier
Your Best Choice for Frozen Food Direct Supplier

Shandong Meijia Group is now becoming a leading direct supplier of frozen food business in the food processing industry, with the help of fast-developed logistics and premium seafood resources. Meijia Group, as a comprehensive frozen food direct supplier, has 10 branches in Rizhao, and businesses including fine processing of seafood & vegetables, and restaurant. Products made by frozen goods direct supplier Meijia, are exported to Japan, USA, EU, Russia, Middle-East area, South-east Asia, etc.

Selected raw materials

Most of the seafood, used in factories at the frozen food vendor-Meijia Group, is purchased from oversea countries where the seafood is originally caught. Suppliers of raw material are selected on the basis of high-quality standards and adequate qualifications.

Strict quality management

As a direct supplier with high requirements for frozen food, Meijia Group has professional quality assurance teams in every branch. Experts in quality control are worked together with factories to ensure products are made at a high-quality level. Quality control teams are frequently receiving professional training on quality management to achieve a zero rejection rate.

Honesty & Excellent customer service

To be a reliable direct supplier of frozen goods, Meijia Group is always building a customer-focused business, putting customers at the center of business decision-making. At Meijia, from providing high-quality products to evaluating customers' feedbacks, Meijia Group is applying a comprehensive system to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Professional testing laboratory

Frozen products supplied by Meijia Group are strictly tested at Rizhao Jianan Inspection Technology Service Co, Ltd. and have the CMA qualification certification. With more than 20 years' experience in detecting agricultural and veterinary drug residues and microorganisms, Jianan laboratory has the ability to provide reliable tests and ensure Meijia Group's products meet all the requirements on food safety standards. A third-party testing report is issued after each test.

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